Film/Movie set Massage-Massage Blast

Film set Massage


This is a great opportunity for people working in the Film and Theatre industries to get a massage treatment on a movie set or back stage.

A mobile practice (massage table or chair) can be set up at the set/theatre; you can choose any of the treatments we offer, ranging from Deep-tissue massage, Sports massage, Acupressure or Swedish massage; whether you need it to release stress, help control tension prior to the performance, assist with a specific pain (neck or back) or to help you focus.
michael-fassbender-shameMuscular tension and knots on your body will affect the nervous system which constantly feeds the brain with information about your physical state, thus making concentration very difficult. the only thing you will concentrate on, will be the discomfort you are feeling.
Stretching a muscle that hosts knots, simply will make knots tighter; a treatment applying pressure or proper rest and relaxation can deal with the muscle fibres that produced those knots in first place.
We provide special rates for companies that wish to treat several individuals during the same visit.

Please contact us for further details!