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Onsite Office Massage

On-site Chair massage is becoming increasingly popular in the workplace.


On site  corporate massage takes very little space in the office, normally, a small spot in a corner will be enough.

People can  benefit by having a short reinvigorating back, neck and arms massage, right there where they work.

They will be able to pull the plug from their duties for a few minutes, less that what it takes to go for a coffee break in fact.

By having a chair massage, people can improve their performance as blood circulation is enhanced during the session.

chair massage will give people the chance to close their eyes for a few minutes, while having their back, shoulders or arms issues sorted out by the chair massage therapist.

The client is fully clothed during the session which normally lasts 15 - 20 or 30 minutes and there is no oils or candles involved during  the session.

On-site chair office massage is a combination of
Shiatsu, Tui Na and Acupressure.

Rates for office chair massage in Central London, London City, Canary Wharf
1 Hour 60-- Suitable for a maximum of 3 people receiving 20 minutes each.
2 hours 110-- Suitable to treat at least 6 people based on 20 minute session each.
3 hours 160-- Ideal for 6 half hour or 9 20 minute sessions
All day rate 294-- Based on any combination of treatment times from 10am-5pm
Rates are based on a single therapist.
If you wish to add extra therapists, plase calculate an extra 38 per hour for every extra theapist.
Minimum term is 1 hour session.