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MassageBlast Bank-St Paul's
16 St Martin's Le Grand
London EC1A 4EN

Text us on: 0796 1110639
Land: 0207 8872669

opening times
Monday-Saturday 7am-9pm

By appointment only.
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Sports Massage City- Bank - St Paul's - Mansion House - Cannon Street EC4
Massage_Blast_EC1We are a Sports Injury Clinic in the heart of the City of London.
Conveniently located just 3 minutes walk from Bank DLR and Tube, St Paul's stations, Mansion House Tube and Cannon Street rail station.

The private clinic is easily reachable from Moorgate and Liverpool street.

We provide sports massage treatments that deal with muscular injuries, pain, strains and sprains. These include tightne
ss and muscular knots that are often caused by exercise or lifestyle. Many of our clients are individuals who are affected by extended hours spent at the office, which can cause postural and stress issues.

Sports Injuries Massage is ideal for the treatment of any muscular related pain and knots.

We treat a variety of muscular conditions including: Neck pain, Frozen shoulder, Back pain (upper, middle and lower), Sciatica, Tight hamstrings, Calf pain or spasm, Plantar fasciitis.
Sports injuries massages are a combination of MET, Effleurage, petrissage, deep tissue and Myofascial release techniques.
When active and passive stroke technique is applied, where muscles are strengthened by resisting active and movements (when the patient moves muscles), MET (muscle energy technique) is being used.
Deep tissue massage and Myofascial release is also applied during a sports massage session. Deep tissue massage uses slow and firm massage strokes that allows muscle to drain lactic acid build up. blood to circulate efficiently permitting fresh blood with nutrients to penetrate the injured muscle leading to a faster recovery.
Myofascial release is a technique which involves unwinding muscles' internal and external fascia. It releases tension and removes adhesion. This technique entails applying sustained pressure in combination with trigger point therapy. 


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