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We are coming to the Virgin London Marathon 2013

Massage Blast will be volunteering at the London Marathon this year, providing post-event treatments to all the runners supporting Age UK.
If you are around the Royal Society on the day of the race, do pop over to say hi.
If you are a Marathon runner supporting Age UK, please do come over for an after event massage, it will help you reduce muscular pain and deal with any injuries caused during the race.


Health Alert! Marathon massage: 

Runnerís knead

Iím a bit of a novice when it comes to massages. In fact, Iím almost as 
much of a novice at them as I am at running a marathon, which is what 
Iím planning on doing in three and a half weeks time. Eek!
All runners will suffer from aches and niggles at some point during their 
training and a sports massage can not only relieve these pains but as 
Ruben, who runs Massage Blast, told me, they should also be treated as a
form of body maintenance. In the same way that youíd not run in worn- 
out trainers or a support-less sports bra, your body needs to be looked 
after and given a helping hand when it comes to repairing itself.
Now, thereís no denying that the deep tissue massage I had verged on 
the painful. It certainly wasnít the blissful, relaxing experience of a spa 
but thatís not why I was there. I wanted stretching, I wanted pressure, I 
wanted the kneading of knots and thatís what I got. Ruben was friendly and professional and described everything he was doing as he went along. He explained why certain muscles and ligaments felt as they did and how they affect other parts of your body, he made it make sense.
I told him Iíd had a bit of trouble with one of my knees but that everything else seemed to be in good working order. Not so, as it turned out. My shoulders were very tense, which, Iíve discovered, is a very common problem for runners due to their arms being in the same position for long periods of time.
Before I went along, a massage felt like a bit of a luxury but now I realise itís almost more of a necessity. Unlike a pair of trainers, you canít buy a new body so itís logical to treat it well, whatever sport you do.
Ruben has London-based clinics in Holborn, Canary Wharf and Greenwich and prices start from £50. For more information, head to

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